Following the grant of temporary planning permission and listed building consent for this iconic and community asset, we are pleased that the first phase of renovation and restoration of the building is now complete.

It is our pleasure to share with you the work done to date, our plans for the future and our community engagement plan.

The Benefits

As already stated the statutory listing status of the Carlton Cinema imposes a presumption in favour of preservation and underlines the importance of such sites in our national culture and heritage. Thus the preservation of this significant place for its own sake is a public benefit.

Other public benefits include:

  • Creation of a community focus in which public worship takes place and many events which reach beyond the worshipping congregation to society at large are open and available, with facilities including conference/functions; other entertainment events; cinema;  community use.
  • Retention of the Carlton Cinema as a place of “public assembly” that will have public access, with facility for corporate and charitable events, conference, graduation ceremonies etc.
  • Guarantee of a continued use that will prevent decay and eventual abandonment; ensuring the needed repairs and restoration to the already damaged fabric and the required maintenance continue for years to come.
  • Key role in underpinning the future economic vitality of the wider area; contributing to its prosperity and life; and contributing to the regeneration of the Borough of Islington. The creation of additional public benefit in fact will increase visits to the area and will bring additional expenditure to shops and other local businesses.
  • Provision of an attractive facility which will have positive impact on the image of the Borough and a place of employment.