The Church’s constitution as a Charity means that our core objectives are to generate community benefit and the building will enable us to realise our ambitions. We are committed to building on our outreach work, becoming an integral part of the Islington area, contributing to its ongoing regeneration and helping to change local lives for the better.

As a church, the charity’s commitment to the community is not confined to a department of the Charity, or to the activities of an ‘arm’s length charity’. It is central to who we are and what we do, and informs our policies and actions.

The church requires the use of the space for certain periods during the week and special Christian dates in the year. Outside of these times/days, the building is and would be available for use all week for Community, Educational, Training and commercial activities.

We intend to use this indoor space as a genuine community facility. We have developed and submitted to the Council a management plan that form the basis upon which the venue will be operated to ensure that the building is genuinely available at other times to all members of the community.

The Charity will endeavour to make admission prices for local people and organisations as affordable as possible, to as wide a non-profit constituency as possible.

It is however the case that priorities must be set. The Charity has therefore prioritised the following work:

  • Developing projects with schools and for young people
  • The provision of an environment for culture and art
  • Education and skills development

The combination of the auditorium with multi-purpose rooms, IT and media facilities mean that we can offer an integrated programme of positive activities with culture, entertainment and art at the core.


We want to be part of the community for the long term and are committed to being of benefit to it. We want to have an ongoing dialogue with local people, groups and organisations to make this phase the start of a process that will bring community regeneration to the area and make it a better place to live.

We would regularly reassess our communities’ needs through consultation and dialogue, particularly with groups such as young people who are often excluded from consultation exercises. We are particularly keen to undertake meaningful consultation with young people from the area to involve them in the programming of activities on the site, meet their needs and desires for activity and facility provision.

We are in the process of establishing a Community Liaison Group that will provide a forum for local individuals and groups to communicate with the Charity. The Community Forum will meet regularly during each year to deal with any problems that might be caused by the running of the site.

The Charity  have an ‘open access’ policy and we have set up a dedicated phone number (020 3795 1161) and email address ( (in addition to our postal address) for local people to contact the Charity should they experience any problems from the operations of the building.